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July-August 2024: Artist Residency and exhibition Vincent van Gogh Huis

Lab Kalkhorst, Schloss Kalkhorst, Mondriaan fonds


Six month residency project supported by Mondriaan Fund

Go Mulan gallery
Go Mulan gallery
Go Mulan gallery
Go Mulan gallery

Exhibition 'Culture Nature'

curated by GoMulan gallery at Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam, 2023

Go Mulan gallery

Big Art 2020 exhibition with Mokum gallery - Rutger Brandt

Big Art 2020, Galerie Mokum
Big Art 2020, Galerie Mokum

Winning the Luxembourg Art Prize in 2017 with the painting: 'It's Gonna be Great, It's Gonna be Fantastic'

luxembourg art prize 2017
It's Gonna be Great, it's Gonna be Fantastic (1), 2017 - Oil, acrylic, plaster, ashes, gold leaf on board 180 x 244 cm. Luxembourg Art Prize 2017, First prize

Interview with Lisa Takahashi for Jackson's Art blog

Screenshot (1).png

(de)facing Revolt, painting and performance at MusraraMix festival 'No ego', Jerusalem, 2013

Video (de)facing Revolt, Jerusalem 

Interview NaNa10 TV, Jerusalem

logo-e (1)_edited.png
Jarik Jongman-(de)facing Revolt, MusraraMix Festival, Jerusalem, 2013

About Face exhibition, Momentum Berlin, 2012

Jarik Jongman About Face - Charles Saatchi, 80 x 80 cm, painting and performance, Momentum Berlin,2012

Hello Goodbye exhibition and Spoonfed interview, WW gallery, 2010

Jarik Jongman-'El olvido que seremos' (1) 100 x 60 cm. Hello Goodbye exhibition, 2010

National Open Art Competition, juried by Gavin Turk.

Joint First prize, 2010

Jarik Jongman-'Phenomena' (5)  100 x 100 cm. 2009, First Prize National Open Art Competition 2010

'Sanctuary'exhibition, 2009, Kunsthalle M3, Berlin

Jarik Jongman-'In dust and ashes I repent' (2) 160 x 200 cm 2009
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