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Jarik Jongman statement Chaos and Uncertainty

Socio-economic pressure, immigration, the refugee crisis, international terrorism and climate issues are causing anxiety on a global scale. Underlying the feelings of dread and lack of control that these issues provoke has been the emergence of our post-truth society, which the current U.S president embodies like no other.


I have taken modernism, or more specifically, modernist architecture, as a departing point for the idea that it used to represent a utopian spirit, harbouring ideal visions of human life and society and a belief in progress.

In my work however, I try to convey a sense of pending doom.

These iconic and symbolic buildings and villas I portray as sublime, transcendental structures, both coveted and threatened by inscrutable and ominous forces.

Text accompanying the exhibition by 

Julia Beauquel, Docteure en Esthétique et Philosophie de l’art

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